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URWell Employee Incentive Program

It is the mission of Human Resources and Recreation and Wellness to provide collaborative programs and services to promote the eight dimensions of wellness that will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of University faculty, staff, their dependents, and the organization.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time, benefit eligible employees
  • Completion of Biometric Screening and RealAge Test
  • Completion of six activities, screenings, or programs from the Dimensions of Wellness
  • Verification of completion

Biometric Screening and RealAge Test

The biometric screening includes assessments for blood pressure, body mass index, glucose, cholesterol, and body fat percentage. The RealAge test is an online health assessment that includes lifestyle questions, such as safety, nutrition, exercise, etc.

  • New employees are encouraged to participate through the Working on Wellness (WOW) program after completing New Employee Orientation. 
  • Current employees who did not participate during the annual benefit fairs should contact Heather Sadowski at to schedule their biometric screening and receive their RealAge test log-in.

Dimensions of Wellness

  • Physical - 2 activities
  • Intellectual - 1 activity
  • Financial - 1 activity
  • Occupational - 1 activity
  • Emotional, Environmental, Social, Spiritual - 1 activity

Completion & Incentive Earned

  • Employees must complete the Incentive Program Form and send to Heather Sadowski at
  • Incentive earned is pending verification of completed events; if verified, $100 will be added to employee's paycheck (taxes will be applied)